Blockout Roller Blinds - 100% Blockout fabric in a range of colours . If you want to blockout the sun and light completely , then these are the blinds for you . Good for bedrooms

Sunfilter Roller Blinds - Sun / light filtering blinds in a range of colours and a choice of 3 % , 5% or 10%  weave fabrics . The 10% fabric is similar to a net curtain , the 5% & 3 % is a tighter weave and harder to see through . They all block out the uv rays while still letting in the light . Good for letting light in while saving the carpet and furniture from being faded by the sun .

Vertical Blinds - Blockout fabric in a range of colours . Can to be made up to 5 meters wide for very large windows . Gives you the option of being able to angle the blind to block people seeing in but also still letting light in . Avalible in 89mm or 100mm wide fabric . With a full range of parts available, these blinds can be made to last for a long time and are prefect for rentals .

Timber Venetian Blinds - 50mm timber venetian blinds in either wood finish or painted finish . These blinds are a modern take on the venetian blinds of old . These blinds look great in kitchens , bathrooms and toilets .

Aluminium Venetian Blinds - The classic 25mm venetian blinds . Available in a range of colours .


All of these blinds are covered by a 3 year guarantee .

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